GlideLine Use

The CPS GlideLine™ system enhances mission success by providing pinpoint guidance and situational awareness to parachutists conducting HALO/HAHO operations, allowing them to land at a precise geographical point, under a wide variety of meteorological conditions and at any time of day or night. CPS GlideLine™ includes a mission planning module that uses weather data and equipment parameters to calculate flight envelopes which are transferred to ruggedized devices carried by each jumper.

After the jumper exits the aircraft, the navigation software provides a continuously-updated, graphical display of location relative to one or more targets and provides heading, altitude, descent rate, and course-correction cues during flight. Post-jump analysis and playback is also provided and incorporates both public resources such as Google Earth and military-specific resources such as FalconView. The CPS GlideLine™ system contains stand-alone mission planning software which interfaces directly with the Joint Precision Air Drop System (JPADS) for current wind forecasts and complete mission plans.

Alternately, the Mission Planner obtains winds aloft forecasts from NOAA or FAA sources in North America, and has the ability to display map, satellite, and terrain data for planned missions using publicly-available sources and FalconView.

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