GlideLine Advantages


GlideLine System Features

  • Guides jumpers to a pin point landing in all weather conditions
  • Reduces human error in hand-calculating winds and release points
  • Provides compact mission planning interface
  • With logging, allows trainers play-by-play review of performance post-jump
  • Keeps costs low with COTS Android hardware devices.
  • Maturity – GlideLine navigation has been used in thousands of jumps to date

Current Status and Availability
Handheld Applications (for Navigation Units)

  • JumpCalc (Mission planner) and GlideLine (Navigation) available for download, contact

Who uses GlideLine?

Since the release of the Android-based GlideLine applications to military free fall users in Nov 2012, over 1,500 military users to date with over 10,000 jumps.

To date, GlideLine applications have been installed, activated, and in-use by U.S. Special Mission Units (SMU).

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